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Erasmus incoming students can attend for three months at the least, within an Academic Year (from the first monday of November to the last saturday of July).

The Spring semester (recommended) lasts from the first monday of February to the last saturday of June.

The Autumn semester lasts from the third monday of September to the last saturday of January but it is subject to permission in advance (to be obtained before issuing the learning agreement).

We recommend to choose starting between November (up to 9 months) and February (up to 6 months). Alternatively, students can choose between the following trimesters: November-January, February-April, April-June.

• Examinations: Regular sessions in February/March, June/July, September/October. Erasmus students can give examinations in dedicated sessions.

Christmas holidays: from the second-last week of December to the first week of January. 

Easter holidays: from Holy Thursday to the day after Easter Monday.

Summer vacations: from the last monday of July to August 31.

(Please note: subject to variations)